'Alif' Solved This Puzzle

Poet: Yasmeen Hameed


From the known limit of the sea

To another limit

All was journey

My home was but the sea

Far away from deserts and forests, I

Was immersed in my own depths

Charting a path in the current

I took in my hand the sunbeam-filled platter

Of the rising and setting sun

And tossed it up in the air

So my God smiled

He descended to the earth

And said lovingly

It is you I have made the deserts and forests for

Rove in them and take pleasure…

Walking in these deserts and forests

Stepping on the soft sand

Gathering the sand into my fists

Whirling and dancing

I made the rising and setting sun my toy

So my God began to say to me

I made the moon and the stars

And the skies spread over these stars

All for you

Take a look at them too…

I began walking on the stars

Began altering my path

Began rubbing my face with the brightness of light

I was hard of heart and started melting

So God put his seal of witness

On the deed

Of my existence

And said confidingly

Now go play with your dreams

But take care to remember

The clay that flows through your body and soul

Is dear to me!


Translated by Zahra Sabri